September 2021 fixes




  • Output of the correct rounding when calculating the base number per customer. Fixed integer loss bug displayed on auras.
  • Fixed a bug, when the end of the effects of stunning at the time of the active effect of "Choke" (approx. Https:// the target could move
  • Improved node for returning energies in case of unsuccessful attacks (miss, evasion, parrying):
    • Now, with unsuccessful attacks, abilities will not accumulate secondary energy (qi, light energy).
    • Now, on failed attacks, abilities will spend a small part of their energy.
    • Now, on failed attacks, abilities will not spend secondary energy.


  • Fixed a bug when the passive effect "Unity of intentions" could be saved when equipped with a two-handed weapon


  • Rewrote the mechanism for selecting targets with the passive ability, now the wounded target has a choice not by the amount of health, but is determined by the fullness of the health scale
  • Rewritten the implementation of the accumulation of the "Divine Protection" effect.
  • Fixed the conflict of imposing a shield from "Divine Protection" on one target between two or more priests


  • Fixed a bug where the effects of the solar and lunar eclipses and the parade of planets are not recalculated when changing the mastery for the "Balance" specialization
  • Fixed bug with reloading solar and lunar eclipses


  • Fixed a bug where the bonus from different types of weapons of the passive ability "Monk's Way" could work at the same time
  • Fixed deletion of clones on repeated uses or when canceling the spell of the ability "Storm, earth and fire"


  • Fixed a bug where the threat level transferred from the hunter to the target, created by, remained even after the completion of this ability. Ability will no longer be interrupted when mounted on a mount
  • Fixed disabling the command "Attack" for a pet when it periodically makes dashes and attacks with the talent "Lynx Fury"


  • Now the use of the talent "Sacred Shield" will correctly display its value in the tooltip of the active aura

Death Knight:

  • Rewrote the implementation code for the ability
  • Rewritten the implementation code of the ability "Pestilence" (50842)
  • Fixed a bug where passive abilities "Thassarian's Threat" and "Power of the frozen wastelands could work at the same time


  • "Swiftness of the Ancestors" - bug fix, now bonuses of the speed of casting spells can stack for the shaman himself

Posted in World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria on Sep 01, 2021