Corrections for October 2023






Battle ground:

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases talents would not change during preparation
  • Now flags/spheres cannot be taken under the effect of Nitro Boosters


  • Fixed a bug in the arena through the spectator, when an extra player could appear
  • Now, when falling into textures, the player will be returned to their original position in height


  • Fixed two server crashes
  • Fixed duping gold when selling items of different levels
  • Fixed an exploit with incorrectly receiving items of a higher level than necessary
  • Fixed exploit with character leveling
  • Suramar: fixed aura
  • Fixed communication with the GM in cross-country.
  • Fixed a problem with the invisible PVP mode "_invisible on". Fixed work in cross.
  • Fixed an issue where PVP talents on battlefields were disabled when changing specialization
  • GO: Fixed despawn linked ladder
  • Fixed an issue where some items were not spent after use.
  • Fixed an issue where quest items were duplicated in loot.
  • Fixed an issue where select talents were removed when gaining a character level
  • Implemented object type GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_AURA_GENERATOR
  • Implemented an event in the Storm Peaks with raids from Garm
  • Fixed an issue where SPELL_AURA_MOD_SHAPESHIFT auras were not removed when landing in vehicles





  • Fixed two server crashes
  • Fixed a problem where, during the animation of an NPC's shot, cubes would fly into the place of arrows and bullets
  • Rewritten loading system OpenPVP
  • Implemented auto-resurrection for angels in the "Raven Glory Arena" and "Timeless Island" zones

Dungeons and Raids:

  • General:

    • Mists of Pandaria: the "priority by need" loot type is now an analogue of personal loot
    • Corrections in the generation of loot and gold from bosses and their chests
    • Boss chests will no longer immediately disappear when opened
    • Fixed drop of personal/quest items during group/master loot
    • Fixed the number of set items in relation to the total number of items in loot from bosses
    • Now in current raids with personal loot there is a chance to get 1/2 more items
    • Now the last boss of the dungeon drops 2 items
    • Now with personal loot in instances of previous additions everyй высокоуровневый игрок получает отдельный набор предметов в зависимости от сложности
    • and similar currencies:
      • protection from failures: the accumulation of the chance to receive an item in case of an unsuccessful throw has been adjusted
      • now there is a chance to get a boss pet (for world bosses also a mount)
      • can now be used when there is a cooldown on a specific boss
  • Antorus, the Burning Throne:

  • The Vortex Pinnacle

    • The dungeon has been completely repopulated
    • Boss and trash scripts have been completely fixed
    • All dungeon events have been released. For example: jumping on vortices, falling into an abyss, etc.
  • Ulduar

    • Implemented division of loot into normal and hard boss modes for the classic version and time travel



  • Fixed one server crash
  • Updated data on the rotation of GO objects in the world, collected from data from the official server
  • Updated data on NPC texts



  • Fixed the limitation on the total number of freezes with the talent (now the number of targets is counted for the entire duration of the object's effect, rather than being updated every time the object ripples the freezing effect)


  • Correction of a bug when, after the expiration of the action time, the healing sphere “Gift of the Bull” and from the artifact feature “Overflow” healed the monk in any case, now this action will only be available at the moment when the monk is within a radius of 6 meters from the sphere, save as usual mode, the behavior of healing with a sphere if it is attracted by a spell




Mists of Pandaria:



  • Improvements in the initialization of the power cost for the "Spheres of Darkness" (simplification of the implementation of spells where the consumption of this energy is required)
  • Correction of additional power costs of spheres of darkness - if a spell has a base power cost of 1 sphere, an optional power cost with a size of +2 will be materialized
  • Damage scaling of abilities 129197 and 124468 has been corrected so that it now depends directly on the consumed spheres of darkness by the Devouring Plague ability (2944)


  • Fixed a bug where, when the duration of the action expired, the healing sphere "Gift of the Bull" healed the monk in any case and at any distance, now this action will be unavailable


Posted in World of Warcraft: Legion, World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria on Oct 01, 2023