Fixes for June 2022




  • Fixed about 5 causes of server crashes
  • Rewritten system of game object updates, should eliminate several server crashes and increase the stability of the server
  • Fixed, buffs on conquest island
  • Fixes on the quest
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the inability to give experience from the premium
  • New, more correct system of crossfaction was implemented, many bugs related to it were fixed
  • More premium account options:
  • Now with premium account strength of items will be lost in half the time
  • All flight points will be available
  • It will be possible to disable pvp mode on pvp servers (analog of warmod mode)
  • Fixed bug that led to the faction disabling in arenas (enemies would become hostile)
  • In dungeons, the PvE mode will always work
  • Fixed exploits and small script tweaks for the "Four Horsemen" in the raid
  • Rewritten script, fixed a lot of problems and bugs, including visual ones in
  • Fixes to
  • Scripts update and edit expo from dungeon bosses
  • Major technical update and scripting tweaks, added/updated some cosmetic raid evens
  • Bloody Princes Council - fixed the old problem with aggro of 'inactive' bosses.
  • rewritten the script, fixed the encounter in the raid
  • Now it will not be possible to remove donated items
  • Fixed duping items from loot bags
  • Fixed the Trader's Bugs bug
  • Fixed an issue where a player was not kicked out of a party after being away from the BG
  • Adjusted to display arena top stats
  • Fixed portal work for the cross faction in Dalaran
  • It will now be possible to buy items in quantities greater than 255 if the stack is larger
  • Arrow stacks in vendors will now be bought in stacks of 1000
  • Fixed an issue where equipping or any palladin manuscript would have a 30 second kill time on the item.
  • Fixed a bug where it dealt damage to a caster (palladin).
  • fixed bug when it didn't work with

Posted in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King on Jun 14, 2022