Fixes for August 2021



Dungeons and Raids:

[Siege of Orgrimmar:] (


  • Reassigned the base attack speed of mobs, based on their types of summoning or the presence of an owner (initially we now take the base attack speed of 2 seconds, and reassign it from the base data, if the mob is not summoned)
  • Now abilities with the effect of increasing the speed of melee and ranged will no longer affect the speed of regeneration of runes, energy, concentration and affect the speed of casting spells


  • Rewrote the choice of targets for the ability
    • Now targets that have received the periodic effect of healing will not be re-selected again if there are much more wounded targets in the area
    • Now pets and minions will also be targeted as targets
  • Https:// can no longer be cast if immobilized and out of melee range


  • Talent improvements
    • Fixed a bug where an unresponsive target would receive it as spam when trying.
    • Now the effect of freezing will affect a specific target only 1 time per use of the ability.


  • Fixed a bug when the speed bonus from equipping with the "Stance of the Wise Snake" effect disappeared after re-entering the game world
  • Removed unnecessary visual effects of the ability
  • Talent improvements
    • Fixed a bug when the wave cycles were 6 + 1, not 7 + 1 (that is, the starting wave was immediately counted in the total number of transitions)
    • Now targets that are in the effects of loss of control over the character, which are interrupted by damage, will no longer be selected as a potential target for the transition of this wave
    • Now targets that cannot be detected will also no longer be selected as a potential target for the transition of this wave


  • Fixed a bug where the talent bonus could remain even when the rogue got out of stealth
  • Now the action will be applied ignoring the effects of immunity to the effect to spells. Spell Immunity effects can no longer dispel this effect
  • Fixed a bug where the bonus increasing the chances of imposing poisons after using could be dispelled by the effects of dispelling poisons pronounced by your ally



  • Now the passive effect of the talent "Swiftness of the Ancestors" and the bonus of the passive ability "Oath of the Elements" will no longer work on the shaman himself in the form of two simultaneously active bonuses



Posted in World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria on Aug 13, 2021