Подробности об изменениях в системе начислений очков Mythic Plus Rating


Good day, ladies and gentlemen!

In this thread, we will touch on the changes related to the Mythic Plus Rating and discuss the rewards for the ninth season.

And so, let's start with the changes in the Mythic Plus Rating system, they touched the following points:

  • added coefficient to lower the key level if the group failed to pass it in time
  • adjustments in the formulas for calculating the decrease and increase of points, depending on how quickly the group managed to close the key (undertime), or how much the group was late when passing the key (overtime)
  • Points are now calculated as follows:
  • calculate the percentage of undertime or overtime
  • calculate the level reduction factor
  • calculate the base value of the points
  • add to the base value the result of the above operations

What were the adjustments for?

Adjustments were needed to ensure that keys that players completed in the timer were valued more than broken keys.

What will happen to the ladder after the updates are applied?

The ladder will not be reset, the number of points will be recalculated according to the new system.

It's all about calculating points, let's move on to the awards for the ninth season. Rewards will be calculated as follows:

  • we will take a list of players whose points are greater than or equal to 4000. (POSSIBLY THRESHOLD WILL BE CHANGED, depending on the results of the ninth season)
  • we add the base reward (THE AMOUNT OF THE BASE REWARD MAY BE CHANGED). The base reward is credited to the account, i.e. if you, on other characters (who are on the account), have a threshold of points for receiving a reward, then it will be issued only once, for the character who has the most points
  • we add an additional reward
  • we accrue a bonus for activity in the season (QUANTITY AND CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Base Reward:

  • from 4000 to 4900 points - 500 tokens
  • from 4901 to 5600 points - 1000 tokens
  • from 5601 to 6499 points - 1500 tokens
  • from 6500 and above - 2000 tokens

Additional reward:

  • 25 level - 1 token
  • 26 level - 3 tokens
  • 27 level - 5 tokens
  • 28 level - 10 tokens
  • 29 level - 14 tokens
  • 30 level - 18 tokens
  • 31 level - 27 tokens
  • 32 level - 35 tokens
  • 33 level - 43 tokens

Season Activity Bonus: For every 100 keys that meet the conditions for receiving a reward, a bonus of 15% of the token amount is credited.

Updates will come into force shortly (tentatively: 12/8/2021, but possibly earlier). We wish all players a good time on our project!

Posted in World of Warcraft: Legion on Dec 06, 2021