Corrections for February 2020




  • Fixed 20 reasons for server crash
  • Fixed issues with working with items after a global update
  • Fixed personal loot after a global update
  • Fixed saving achievements after global update
  • The structure of the templates for the NPC has been rewritten
  • The structure of work with the gossip menu at the NPC has been rewritten
  • Rewritten storage structure of quest items at the NPC and GO
  • RPC localization system rewritten and data from snifs updated
  • Rewritten GO localization system and updated data from snifs



  • Reworked processing of game account sessions to fix server crashes

Completely rewritten the work of the quest system:

  • Changed the structure of the storage of quests in the database, taking into account its features
  • The work with the localization of quests has been completely rewritten, the storage system has been changed, the data has been collected and filled in for the maximum localization of quests
  • Reworked the system of processing events for a set of quests, taking into account the support of all available types of these events
  • Redesigned batch to a new batch system
  • Rewritten the output in the dialogue windows of quests to a new batch system
  • Many small associated fixes

Posted in World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria on Feb 03, 2020