Corrections in June 2020




  • Fixed about 5 reasons for a server crash when starting a project (after which the kernel was stabilized and crashes stopped).
  • Developed a new type of solok.
  • Fixed learning recipes when learning pros (previously worked only after relog)
  • Fixed registration on the BG and the operation of the queues (could collect 10 on 10 30 1 10)
  • Fixed synchronization of elevators and metro between client and server
  • Fixed bugs on the work of the auction
  • Fixed kick hunts when using the "Breakaway"
  • Fixed character return by taxi, at the time of exit from the dungeon, through the LFG system.
  • Correction in the work of the dynamic reward system of quest NPCs.
  • Added localization of set sets.
  • Added "paranoia" system. Now the NPC, having detected the player in [invisibility] (, depending on the radius and level difference, may not immediately attack him.
  • NPCs after the return now have a delay in finding targets in the radius.
  • Implemented the mechanics of spell proc with the hit flag "interrupt".

Dungeons and Raids:

  • [Wailing Caves:] (

    • The event with the final boss has been completely rewritten.
  • [Deadmines:] (

  • Nexus: NPC ability changes.

  • Halls of Stone: Brann: Fixed Assist while moving

  • Jedoga Shadowseeker: Fixed a problem with loot when the boss dies during phase

  • Creek'tir Gatekeeper: Rewritten intro event

  • Hadronox: Rewritten script

  • Hagan the Unholy: Teleport fixed.

  • Tenebron: Fixed egg spawn timer when the battle goes without Sartarion.

  • Fixed respawn time of ice-bound creatures in the Nexus.




  • Now the effect of the lighting rocket will act instantly.


  • Fixed talent work Hot aspiration


  • Fixed a problem where a character could die from Life Tap




  • Fixed a problem where when inspecting a character did not show the stats of some things.



  • Fixed 4 reasons for server crash
  • Fixed missing NPCs on ships
  • Fixed teleport of some NPCs when their HP dropped below 15%
  • Fixed saving skills and spells when crashing
  • Fixed a problem when after restarting the game the character could not resurrect near the body.

Dungeons and Raids:

  • In the test mode for bosses, a system of "special avoid" was added.
  • [Shattered Halls] (
    • The dungeon is overpopulated.
    • All scripts and events have been rewritten.



  • Cosmetic correction of the fake death of some mobs, now visually they will be like dead. (previously seen a strip of health).
  • Made several corrections related to the exit from the battle.
  • Fixed two reasons for server crash
  • Fixed VOC for AOE spells
  • Improvements to the active anti-cheat (added new methods for trapping CX, some checks have been fixed)
  • Fixed kleint crash on memory overflow
  • Implemented a system for saving guards panels (coupons with a panel)
  • Implemented a system of long-range visibility of flying NPCs
  • Disabling LFG (chat) and switching to other custom chats to fix global channel fouling
  • An additional check for correcting the dual spec in case of stagnation

Dungeons and Raids:

Updated scripts of city bosses:




  • Made small changes in finding a way for flying NPCs.
  • In the cross-factional group, interaction on transport now works. (note: dragons in the Oculus)
  • Fixed the work of add-ons in the likeness of Auctionator .
  • Fixed two reasons for the server crash.
  • Cross-CD for raids moved to Wednesday, as it should be.
  • Fixed sending rewards or compensation to the mail (fixed bug when players could not pick up items from the mail).
  • Fixed a bug when flying mobs switched to walking mode and their animation broke (fix the base system, some mobs need to manually fix the type of movement).
  • Fix the departure of some players from the GI to restart the server.
  • Fixed an issue due to which an unequal number of people could be gathered on the BG.



Dungeons & Raids:




  • NPCs in battle are now constantly looking for help in the radius. This fixes the situation when the mob runs through its allies, but those do not help him.
  • Fixed a bug where when a group movement of mobs they could run away to their VPs throwing a target
  • Fixed a bug where a pet without a call could not be moved to the stall
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to train a pet when you have a killed or driven pet
  • Several corrections in the work of pets (need information whether the problem has been corrected with the loss of pets)
  • Fixed fake triggering of anti-cheat when controlling mobs
  • Fixed a visual bug with group movement of mobs, when some could move under textures
  • Fixed calculation of the path for flying mobs in a group
  • Fixed a bug where unique items that a player already had could roll
  • Fixed two server crashes

Dungeons & Raids:

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