Fixes June 2021





  • - Added dynamic growth of crafted materials and bonus items.
  • Fixed an issue where some profession recipes might not level up a skill.



Dungeons and Raids:



Mythic + Dungeons:

  • now, when starting a challenge, the SMSG_SUMMON_CANCEL package will be sent to players (to put it simply, the exploit with the summon has been fixed)
  • Shaking:
    • implementation of a dynamic timer (20, 40, 60 sec)

Dungeons and Raids:


Dungeons and Raids:


Below are the fixes for the last months that we did not write about at the time. (all fixes below have been available in the game for a long time!).


  • Introduced aura 169 SPELL_AURA_SET_FFA_PVP_STATE.

Game events:

  • General:
    • During the Day of the Dead - Commoners in capitals will also be present in the world.
    • Now the inhabitants in the capitals have their own appearance, depending on which event is active. (Available for Brewfest, Hallow's End, Midsummer Fire, Winter Veil, and Day of the Dead.)
  • Kirin Tor Tavern Tour -
    • Rewritten the event through the kernel. (previously the event was implemented entirely through the database).
  • Moonkin Festival -
    • Made refactoring, fixed bugs with event traffic.
    • Now, when receiving the buff of owls, players are given the title for the duration of the aura.
  • Feast of the Wanderers -
    • Completely rewritten script of tables in capitals.
  • Call of the Scarabs -
    • Transferred the end of the event. - now it should be more correct to determine which faction flag will hang throughout the year.
  • New Year's Eve -
    • rewritten activation of launching fireworks.
    • fixed the activation time of the event.
    • fixed a bug that not all barrels could be used.
    • implemented automatic replacement of the start date of the event for the next year.
    • Fixed descriptions of the gossip of the party.
    • now when a player uses an emote / dance for a party in capitals, players are given a buff
  • Lunar Festival -
  • Hallow's End -
    • - now also active during the event.
    • -
    • code refactoring.
    • fixed a bug that the boss could be killed by killing the rider's head only 1 time, not 3 times.
    • Fixed a bug that when a boss was activated, a random player wrote the opening remarks in the chat, and not the player who activated the boss.
    • fixed a bug that the boss was missing some lines.
    • Fixed a bug that all waders had a visual bug of 2 identical quests.
    • Removed not relevant event from Candy or Life. Skins are now awarded for completing quests from waders.
  • Darkmoon Fair:

Scenarios (MOP):

  • Dagger in the dark -
    • fixed a bug due to which spells on the boat could not be loaded.
    • fixed a bug that mobs could attack a boat.
    • Fixed a bug that the boat went quickly after the camp.
    • fixed a bug that mobs could not reach the boat for the camp.
    • Unga Ingu -
    • Reworked scripts of NPCs for decreasing criteria (when stealing barrels, points will be removed from the script counter).


World Quests:

Test of Valor:




Strongholds and Artifacts:

  • Implemented the event of obtaining the hidden appearance of the artifact of the Death Knights specialization Unholy
  • Added entry to the scenario on the assignment
  • Adjustments to the starting scenario of the Monks Hall campaign
  • Implemented the event of obtaining the hidden appearance of the artifact Mages specialization Arcane magic




  • adjustment of the search for the end position for the ability [Death from Above] ( (to put it simply: should not be thrown into textures)






  • Now the effect of the ability will be dispelled by the effects of losing control over the character, whose action would stop from taking damage


Demon Hunter:


Death Knight:

  • Now the effect of the ability will be dispelled by the effects of losing control over a character whose action would stop from taking damage




Dungeons and Raids:

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