September 2020 fixes



  • Fixed saving pet model to the database. There was a problem that their models were buggy, for example, DK pets ran around with pieces of meat.
  • Added additional protection to prevent mobs from being pushed into textures.
  • Fixed sellers (seasons 6-7) of PVP items, previously the prices and sellers themselves were incorrect.
  • Added a check for learning extra abilities. Fixes the moments when abilities were trained / remained from premium or after a race change.
  • Several fixes related to the synchronization of the orientation of the mobs, should fix some moments when the mob was looking in one direction and hitting in the other. For example, [Ingvar] ( fought in the wrong direction with his [Power Strike] (
  • Fixed a problem when abilities disappeared from the panel after changing specialization and relog.
  • Fixed the problem when it was impossible to insert two identical symbols in a row in different specializations.
  • Fixed the possibility of dispelling pets during duel if you are in zones of the "refuge" type, for example in Dalaran.
  • Fixed the start and end times of the "[Brewfest] (" event.
  • After leaving the LFG, the player's form is now reset (note: the form of a bear), if he is in a taxi.
  • After teleporting from map to map, the taxi now continues the route.
  • Added a common channel for all types of client localizations in the chat: "World".
  • Fixed a moment when, when summoning some objects, for example, a magician's table, the portals were in the character casting the spell.


  • Fixed a problem with raising the flag from a killed player due to inter-faction BG.
  • Added a detailed notification about the state of the queue at BG and Arena.
  • SoloQ now accepts Druids and DCs with any talent set.
  • Fixed spectator exit from the Arena.
  • Added ban on registration by a group if one of the players is offline.


  • Fist weapons can now change, for example, to one-handed axes, swords, etc., if the character can equip them.
  • Removed the ability to transmog a thing into the same thing. Logic error.
  • Added the ability to transmog legendary items.


  • Paladin:
    • Judgment of Wisdom and Judgment of Light are now spell-triggered and no longer have high CD.
  • Shaman:
    • "Rebirth" - now consumes crosses if there is no symbol.
  • Mage:
    • Talent "Burnout" - removed visual mana consumption.
    • Talent "Hot Fire" - now restores the correct amount of mana.

Dungeons and Raids:

Blackrock Depths:

[Ulduar:] (

  • [Fire Leviathan:] (
    • Boss model slightly increased.
  • [Razorscale] (
    • Fixed berserk timing.
  • Iron Gathering
    • Fixed a bug when after death the boss could cast a spell.
    • Fixed a bug where bosses themselves could interrupt their spells.
  • [Auriya] (
    • Added evade when the boss leaves his room.
    • Possible fix for the resurrection of the Defender.
  • [Hodir:] (
    • Fixed an issue where a snowdrift could appear slightly above the floor.
    • Friendly NPCs can no longer be stacked with more than one Ice Tomb.
    • Fixed radius of AOE from falling snowdrifts.
    • Fixed a moment when friendly mobs could be absent before the first pool.
    • If players put the timer in the XM, the chest will no longer break when the boss talks.
  • [Thorim] (
    • Runic Colossus no longer applies Runic Rift if it is aggroed.
    • Chain Lightning now has the correct hit radius.
  • [Freya] (
    • Slightly increased the drop from the boss chest.
    • Ancient Water Spirit - no longer loses its target after the dash cast is interrupted.
    • Added the ability to collect flowers from fallen flowers in Freya's room.
  • [Mimiron:] (
    • Bombots now ignore pets and totems.
    • Fixed the ability to magnetize Mimiron's head.
  • [Yogg-Saron:] (
    • Fixed an issue where the left tentacles could appear in hidden rooms.
    • Fixed issue with double tentacles spawning in hidden rooms.
    • Heavy Tentacle - Target selection adjustments.
    • On phase 1, the size of contact with clouds for the summon of mobs has been adjusted.



  • [Winter Yonmurgar] (
    • Added the ability to skinning.
    • Fixed loot, previously falling from higher difficulty.
    • Removed premature despawn.


  • and Player kills now also count towards the quest.
  • The reward for completing a daily randomized dungeon is now independent. That is, after completing the tasks for the Hoodovar's bag, you can then also go through the "Random heroic" and get the "Emblems of Conquest".


* Above is the majority of monthly fixes.

Posted in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King on Sep 29, 2020