Progress on corrections the Draenor Garrison.


At the moment, the garrison is at the stage of rework. The current progress of the changes will be presented below:


  • the visual part of the Garrison Cache work with resources has been implemented. Now, based on the amount of resources, a certain type of GO will be spawned (regular, large or full Garrison Cache). The minimum quantity for the appearance of the Garrison Cache is 5 pcs.
  • fixed the package SMSG_GARRISON_REMOTE_INFO.
  • fixed the image of the garrison on the map (M).
  • implemented the display of the garrison terrain through the map (M).
  • rewritten the system of teleporting the player when creating / upgrading the Garrison.
  • the coordinates of the scrolls' spawns have been rewritten, which completes the buildings.
  • fixed a bug of endless blinking of Horde scrolls.
  • fixed the interaction of the architect's table and the mission table. (they were active for mutual interaction, although the conditions for activation were not met).
  • implemented a variety of sounds during active construction.
  • implemented the package CMSG_SET_USING_PARTY_GARRISON which activates the button on the PCM by portrait to enter the garrison. (the visit to the garrison itself has not yet been implemented!)
  • teleportation coordinates at updated
  • the rotation of the garrison company for the 1st and 2nd chapters has been implemented. Now 2 random quests are available once a week.
  • implemented the work of a Shipment Crafter (crafting profession items) from small buildings.
  • fixed saving the deletion of a building if the player deleted it during active construction.
  • fixed saving the deletion of a building if the player had a rebuilt building and put a new one in its place and immediately canceled the construction.
  • fixed the bug of deleting a building, if the player did not meet the requirements of trying to put a new structure in place of an old rebuilt structure, then the old structure was completely removed.
  • the "Strategic Assault Choice" work has been implemented.
  • all spawns of NPC's, GO's on buildings of all levels of garrisons under the 1st, 2nd, 3rd level of buildings have been rewritten.
  • implemented work with GarrBuildingDoodadSet.db2 - which displays additional textures on buildings. Now the buildings will not look empty.
  • implemented the study of the ability of buildings when they are activated. For example /
  • the coordinates of the spawns of all plots have been rewritten.
  • implemented daily rotation of NPC traders of professions and some PvE questgivers. For example /
  • the work of the trophy monuments has been rewritten.
  • spawns of the Garrison of the Alliance level 1, 2 and 3 has been rewritten.
  • updated all vendors in the garrison. Corrects item item numbers according to the list, condishins to goods and irrelevant goods are cleared.
  • added phasing support for spawns of buildings.
  • implemented a system for generating random gameobjects to appear in buildings.
  • the assignment of followers to work in buildings has been implemented.
  • the maximum visibility distance of the garrison spawns has been implemented. (each level of the garrison has its own maximum distance value).

Order system:

  • now, when sending an order, the GO will have an animation of the clock.
  • fixed the work in the order status of the GO, i.e. (waiting, execution or order is ready) now they are displayed correctly.
  • fixed a bug that caused the GO to immediately put the Display ID on the finished order when a new order was placed.
  • now access to orders is available immediately, previously it was required to complete the quest for the first order in the building.
  • now, at the entrance to the garrison, completed orders will be checked and their ID display for GO containers will be updated.
  • the timer for updating the status of orders has been rewritten. Now the timer is looking for the nearest ending order.
  • fixed the work of setting medium or full containers by Display ID as orders are sized, i.e. the appearance of the container changes. For example, with 14 ready orders, then the average size of the container, and with 21 ready orders, then the large size of the container.
  • the loot generation system has been rewritten from the Shipment. (now the loot does not fall into the bag for the player, but opens the loot window).
  • implemented the effect of the SPELL_EFFECT_FINISH_SHIPMENT. Fixed items by type: /


  • / :
  • barracks are now built instantly on assignment.
  • the work of quest checks has been implemented. If the quest somehow disappeared or was canceled, but what criteria were previously fulfilled, then now, when taking the task, you will automatically complete the criteria that were fulfilled earlier.
  • the introductory chain of the Alliance for the construction of the Garrison has been rewritten.
  • The introductory chain of the Alliance Garrison has been rewritten.



Posted in World of Warcraft: Legion on Apr 23, 2022