LK x5 Arena Season 6 Start


Dear players!

As you probably already know, approximately from 20.08.2020 the game world of Lich King x5 will move to the next stage of available content. One of the elements of this stage will be the launch of rating battles in the arena. Preliminary awards for prizes and conditions for obtaining will be announced below.

Rewards for all braces:

1st place: the first 0.1% of the rows of the arena table.

Reward: + + A0 + + https: // ru. + + 1000 tokens

2nd place: the first 0.5% of the rows of the arena table.

Reward: (achievement only, mount not issued) + title + 500 tokens

3rd place: the first 3% of the rows of the arena table.

Awards: + title + 200 tokens

4th place: the first 10% of the arena table rows.

Awards: + title + 150 tokens

5th place: the first 35% of the arena table rows.

Reward: + title + 100 tokens

The only condition for receiving seasonal rewards in each bracket is the presence of 20 teams with a rating higher than 1700.

I would like to focus on the fact that the specified reward (mount and tabard) can be obtained only for the arena season. These things, and for all subsequent seasons, will not be added to the vendor's donation and are an exclusive reward for the seasons.

Posted in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King on Aug 05, 2020