How to use cross?


After turning on the cross server, some players had questions, but now how to assemble a group for the arena or a group for going to Mythic +?

The answer is simple, but all the same! The only difference is that you MUST write the name of realm

  1. You can write in the PM between the realms in the cross, examples:
    • / w NickPlayer-uwowx100
    • / w NickPlayer-epicx1
    • / w NickPlayer-argusx100
    • / w NickPlayer-argusx1
  2. You can immediately invite the player you want to the group
    • / invite NickPlayer-uwowx100
    • / invite NickPlayer-epicx1
    • / invite NickPlayer-argusx100
    • / invite NickPlayer-argusx1
  3. You can add a player to your friends and write to him immediately from friends or throw an invite
  4. Unforgettable to use the "Pre-assembled groups" oooh very useful thing
  5. You can add a player to ignore

And what can not be done between players from different realms? And we will describe this:

  1. It is impossible to transfer things and gold (exceptions temporary items and things obtained in a group on a barefoot)
  2. Cannot be invited to the guild
  3. You cannot invite to the calendar
  4. Cannot send mail

What works on any cross server realm and which you can always use:

  1. Forwarding mail with the players of your realm
  2. The auction will always be from your realm on any cross realm
  3. Drop rates and reputation will always be from your realm
  4. The work of the guilds is only partially implemented, a lot of things still do not work, but you should be able to invite a player from your realm to the guild on any realm
  5. The calendar will work on any cross realm
  6. Garrisons and strongholds will work on any realm

You can use cross server chats:

  • / join world - this is a common global chat for all languages
  • / join world_en - for English speakers
  • / join world_kr - for Koreans
  • / join world_fr - for the French
  • / join world_de - for Germans
  • / join world_cn - for Chinese and Taiwanese
  • / join world_es - for Spaniards and Portuguese
  • / join world_ru - for Russians
  • / join world_it - for Italians

Posted in World of Warcraft: Legion on Oct 30, 2019