Corrections for June 2020






  • Now, at the time of preparing the transition to stealth with the ability if you get the control effect, this process will stop, however if the effect of losing control over the character stops before the end of preparation, then you can go into stealth



Death Knight:

  • Now that the Blood Parasite (49542) has drunk enough of the enemy’s blood, it will explode with the usual probability, even if its owner has a full supply of health
  • Fixed a bug where the residual amount of the effect of absorbing the treatment sometimes did not decrease to 0 if the treatment would far exceed its indicator
  • Now the stun from the action of the talent will be correctly notified by the "Warning of loss of control" system


  • Rewritten implementation of
    • Now the alignment of health indicators between goals will be smoother and the totem owner will count as outgoing - treatment (register in add-ons as HPS)
    • Fixed a bug when, when installing the totem, the recalculation of health indicators was immediately two times in the first second
    • In the process of balancing health between goals, absorbing protective effects will now play their part and an additional "imaginary" health reserve bonus will be counted.

Posted in World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria on Jun 01, 2020